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Gaura Purnima Festival 2019 Schedule in Mayapur

Sri Pancha-tattva Maha Abhishekh

Gaura Purnima 2019 festival

ISKCON Mayapur Gaura Purnima festival 2019, from 27th February to 23rd March.

This year, the most awaited Sri Pancha-tattva Maha Abhishekh will be celebrated on 1st March 2019. Once in five years, the big deities of Sri Pancha-tattva will be offered Maha Abhishekh.

Kirtan Mela will be from 5th March to 8th March, followed by Nabadwipa Mandala Parikrama from 9th March to 16th March.

 Gaur Purnima 2019 festival schedule:

27th Feb, Wednesday
Devotee’s Arrival
28th Feb to 3rd March
Sravana Utsav
1st March, Friday
Panchatattva Maha Abhisek
4th March, Monday
Festival  Flag Hosting Ceremony/ Kirtan Mela Adhivas
5th March to 8th March
Kirtan Mela
8th March, Friday
Parikrama Adhivas
9th March to 16th March
Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama
16th March to 20th March
Cultural Program
16th March to 20th March
SatSangh Seminar
16th March, Saturday
Sri Sri Radha Madhav Boat Festival
17th March, Sunday
Elephant Procession & Immersion of Ashes of Departed Souls
18th March, Monday
Shantipur Festivals
19th March, Tuesday
Ganga Puja
20th March, Wednesday
Jagannath Rath Yatra
21st March, Thurdsay
Sri Gaur Purnima
22nd March, Friday
Sri Jagannath Misra Feast
23rd March, Saturday
Devotee’s Departure